What is STEM

STEM is a new approach to education that emphasizes teaching Science, Technology, Engineering & Math in an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Instead of teaching these four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into lessons that uniquely require students to actively engage a problem or challenge and apply their skills and learning to find a creative solution.

STEM education emphasizes student exploration & problem-solving as opposed to rote learning. Academic concepts are coupled with real-world problems and students are encouraged to apply STEM within their solutions.

Early STEM education:


Leverages a child’s natural curiosity to promote scientific inquiry, exploration, experimentation & discovery of how things work

Exposes children at an early age to interesting career options that they otherwise may not have considered in high-demand fields

3D printing

Stimulates interest in STEM subjects & better understanding/learning of concepts through hands-on, fun activities

Promotes collaboration and develops communication skills


Helps build reasoning & inventive problem-solving skills